Friday, October 17, 2008

Our cat spends all her time on the work in progress

(click to enlarge)

Our little kitten, Tooti, loooves to lie upon the mosaic. She spends hours on it, shifting every so often to lie upon the hardwood floor with only her head on the blue river, then completely stretch out upon the mosaic.

I have completed four risers, drilled the holes in the stairs, and have started grouting. It was my husband's idea to complete four, install, and then work on the next four. That helps with the problem of storing these pieces; they take up a lot of room.

I bought 11 pounds of fabulous hand-poured stained glass from an eBay seller in Vancouver, Washington, and plan to incorporate much of it into the project. The glass is of various yummy earthy colors and textures. I am now off to nip more pale blue glass.

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