Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ahhhh - lavender!

We went to Blanco to the Lavender Festival today. It was just marvelous. The scent was in the air everywhere. There were lots of booths with nice quality products. Lavender soap, sachet, margarita mix, lavender-sugar nuts, sleep pillows, etc., as well as art, clothing, pottery, plants. I plan to go back to Blanco sometime in the next two weeks and buy some lavender seed and bundles. Out where we live, the soil is poor, and well-drained, so I'm hoping the lavender will grow. And I will take a chance that the deer will leave it alone.

On the square we found a restaurant that featured hummus wraps on the menu. They were delicious (and a life-saver) since most restaurants in that area are heavy on meat.

I am still working on the stair risers and only have three to go. Incredibly it has taken me almost a year. I have a litany of excuses and I could have completed them much sooner. I will post photos soon.


bc_harvey said...


I googled for Bee Creek Creations in the hope that I could find a current email address for you. Wasn't sure that the email addy I had for you back when you painted Lacey's murals would still be good. Discovered that the web site doesn't exist any more. But then I came across your Mosaic Road Blog. The reason I wanted to contact you is to find out whether you would be interested in a set of dishes to use for your mosaics. We bought a new set and hate to just throw the old ones away. A photo is here: Dishes. If you're interested, we would be happy to deliver them.

Best, Belinda Harvey

PS: LOVE the stairs you are doing!

Silva said...

Belinda, how lovely to hear from you. Yes, I would be interested in the dishes if you still have them! My phone number is 567-8751 and my email is Would love to see you!