Monday, August 3, 2009

Mosaic Guitar celebrating Texas women in Music

Click on the picture to enlarge!!!

I finished this project several months ago but wasn't quite satisfied with it because it had no strings. I bought these dichroic glass stringers at Helios Glass back when I took the Fused Glass class, and I added them to represent guitar strings! Now I'm happy. The name of the piece is "Texas Women in Music."


Lori Featherstone said...

Oh, Silva - this is awesome! I love the sax and the butterfly...can't wait to see what you'll be up to next.

Love and admiration deluxe!

ksr said...

How wonderful! Could I pick your brain... want to start cutting tiles for mosaics on flower pots. Your tiles look very nice and tidy. What do you use?

ksr said...

Or send me an email... if it is easier to explain there. Thanks!

Silva said...

I usually use Leponitt wheeled nippers to nip stained glass and plates. For thicker tile, I sometimes use a Taurus 3 ring saw. I use it only when necessary because the blades are so pricey. I usually tumble both plate tile and stained glass tile in a rock tumbler. I have two Lortone tumblers that have two barrels each. You can tumble pieces for as little as 30 minutes, just to take the sharp edges off, or up to five days, to achieve a super smooth matte finish. To smooth the edges of a piece without tumbling, I use a carborundum stone (kitchen sharpener) or sometimes a grinder. If you need more info, email me at and I will be happy to help.

CathyC said...

Hi Silva! I'm glad you posted pictures of your guitar...the 'strings' are a great addition! Can't wait to see the final risers!


Paul @ Helios Kiln Glass Studio said...

That is really spectacular Silva!
- Paul (Helios Kiln Glass Studio)

PhoenixTamer said...

Hi Silva!!!
I hope I figured this out this Time! - I said this before about that guitar, but WOW!!!

I Could spend hours just picking out all the different images on it!!!

Youre Awsome!!!


Silva said...

Hello Mimi! Thank you for posting on my blog! Love, Rachel :]