Sunday, September 6, 2009

Catching up on grouting

I grouted four picture frames and one large wall hanging Friday. Sealed and started painting them yesterday. Found a new color that I really like: I mixed silver metallic with bronze metallic; love it. The granddaughters have exhausted the batteries in my camera by making YouTube videos so I will post photos as soon as I get new batteries. After finishing something as large as the stairs, I was tempted to slack off for awhile, but my instincts tell me to move ahead. I bought some Vitromaster Metropolitan plate rims from eBay this week, to replace all the "lady heads" I used in the stairs, along with two lots of nice pale yellow tile. I am accumulating lots of blue/white and blue/yellow tiles for a special project. Don't know what yet, but that's one of my favorite color combinations.

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