Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hunting and gathering

I am waiting for the mailman today. I managed to track down the person I bought the amazing stained glass from last year. It's from a small glass factory that closed their doors. The glass is all hand poured and lots of pieces have that wonderful irregular edge that I love so. Each piece is full of beautiful color when held to the light, and each color is different than what it appears it will be. For instance, a piece of pale olive green when held to the light turns into orange fire. Fabulous! I ordered a lot more. They had to get it out of their crawl space and sort it for me. I already have thousands of pounds of glass. But I wanted this glass and so ...

Yesterday my husband went to Lowe's to get a trailer for the riding mower because we are spreading granite on the driveway. I asked him to get me some GE Silicone II for windows and doors (clear), and SIKA Latex R. Well, he bought some other GE white caulk or something, and they didn't have SIKA so he substituted a big jug of latex additive of which I already have a bunch, so I took it all back. I had to literally climb the shelves to finally locate one small tube of the GE Silicone II for doors and windows (the workers there brought me the silicone for showers and tubs and it was white). Anyway, I finally found this one small tube and they are now out, so I will be hunting for more. But isn't it amusing when they can't find what's on the list, they will invariably substitute? And the glazed look in the eyes of the workers at Lowe's and Home Depot when you start trying to explain what the purpose of your purchase is? Too funny! So hopefully I will start this up within the next two-three days!!! I actually have two projects in mind and I may do them simultaneously: A tall glass totem/obelisk and the glass in the front door. I will take pics.

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