Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Conquistador Guitar wip, cutting and layout

I have the 24K gold plate rims glued. Everything else is still loose. I wish I had matching orange medallions to place on either side of the axe head but I'm probably going to go with his silver shield on one side. Mingling with the flames will be mottled light and dark blue Bullseye stained glass.

Here's a photo showing the tool I use to cut the flames, a Toyo oil hand cutter TC-600, available at stained glass shops. I score the glass free-hand, use a Fletcher tool (looks like pliers) (also from stained glass shops) to put pressure on the scored line, and voila the glass pops apart right where I scored it (well, almost always).

If you look closely at the 24K gold plate rims that encircle the face of the guitar, you can see how I nip in an alternating slant instead of a straight cut. This helps to go around the curves.

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