Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Butterflies to Fly to Florida

Couldn't resist doing more mosaic butterflies on mesh. Yesterday a dear friend gave me a bag of costume jewelry. Check out the butterfly bodies! They were part of a cuff bracelet and each link is made of three black faceted glass beads set together in metal. Two butterflies are red-orange stained glass and two are dichroic glass, one predominately pink and the other lime green. The dichroic glass didn't photograph well but the glass is fabulous.

(click on the photo to enlarge)


Blue Wave Glass said...

These are so nice! Wishing I had more time to make something! Have never did a mosaic on mesh before!

Silva said...

I really really like mosaic on mesh. It makes certain things so much easier. The first time I used it I sat at home in comfort at the kitchen table and created an entire mosaic for someone's fireplace surround. Then I stacked up all the pieces, loaded them in my van, and installed them at the job site. Sooo much easier than doing it in place. I also have enjoyed these butterflies so much, I plan to make more. Thanks for your comment, Blue Wave Glass!