Friday, June 8, 2012

Back from the beach

Just got in this afternoon from a week in Galveston -- the weather was nice and hot, the traffic was plentiful, parking was scarce, and the prices for admission and food seemed to have doubled in the last two years.

The dolphin boat tour was reasonable and fun.  We were lucky to see lots of dolphins.

We ate lunch yesterday at The Original Mexican Cafe on the corner of Market St. and Christopher Columbus Blvd. and it was excellent.  It opened in 1916 in a building constructed in the 1880s.

The granddaughters are still in Galveston with their mom and won't be back 'til Sunday.  We came back through Houston and it was a driving nightmare for two reasons: horrible, misleading, confusing freeway design, and lots of mean, aggressive drivers.

I found some weird and wonderful exotic wood bark washed up on the beach and will be making some kind of funky mixed media art with it.

Granddaughters asleep on futon with Daisy the guard dog

Granddaughters on beach in Galveston

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