Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Roadrunner at our bird bath - 109 degrees F today

Roadrunners don't visit our backyard; they tend to be loners; we see them occasionally in the front yard trolling for grasshoppers.  But when it's 109 degrees in the shade, they come in for water just like the cardinals and white-winged doves and blue jays.  It's been so hot this week I put out iced water for the birds twice a day.

Rain is a distant memory.  A couple of days ago, in the early morning, I dreamed that it was raining.  I lay there for what seemed like an hour, listening to the rain beat down upon the metal roof.  I was soooo reluctant to get out of bed, because I knew it wasn't really raining.  My latest project, a round depiction of Outer Space, languishes on the back porch, because I need to nip lots and lots of glass and I don't want to do it in the house and it's just too darn hot out there!

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