Saturday, July 7, 2012

I returned yesterday from a week in AcworthGeorgia near Atlanta, with fresh resolution to dive into mosaics.  I had no idea that Georgia was such a beautiful, magnificent area.  We explored the Chattahoochie National Forest from the northeast to the northwest.  Took  a side trip into Mentone, Alabama and was so impressed with the spirit of the people there.  My week in Georgia was excellent, the people were friendly everywhere, in restaurants and on the highways.  The day before my return flight, I mailed a USPS flat rate box to myself with some plates to break and some interesting purple glass I found at a yard sale.

One tiny incident marred my otherwise fun-filled week.  I needed a ride to the airport yesterday morning and it was a long way through heavy freeway traffic right through the heart of Atlanta.  I called Gold Star Taxi and scheduled a 7 a.m. pickup.  They did not come and I called them several  times; each time they said the taxi was on the way, put me on hold, and never came back to the phone.

I finally took one of my host's cars and left at 8:05 a.m. to try and make a 10:00 a.m. flight, not knowing exactly how to get there.  By blind luck, I found the right freeway, made it to the airport, maneuvered through Park-n-Ride, check in, Security, the transit system, etc., ran all the way to Gate 36, and actually got on the flight.  Now my host must drive there and pick up the car.

Gold Star Taxi advertises fast, reliable, courteous service including airport shuttle service.  I just don't get it.

Delta Airlines was great; both flights were smooth and on time.  I called a Delta representative from my cell phone while on the freeway and in a quavering voice I told her I couldn't make the flight.  She was so kind and calming, and said, just try to make it and if you can't, we will get you on the next available flight.  I still don't understand how I made it; there simply wasn't time, since the house is almost 50 miles from the airport.  Yet somehow, I did, no thanks to Gold Star Taxi!

Now, back to mosaics.  I have started a large, round Outer Space mosaic featuring a spiral galaxy.  The galaxy will be made of dichroic glass and the surrounding space will be predominately black stained glass with a mix of other colors and vintage costume jewelry.  Exciting.  

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