Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Open House was a success

So much so that we will repeat it on December 1.  The dragonfly panel is sold and I am working on a similar one.  This new one will have bumpy clear stained glass wings and "emerald and diamond" body in a similar setting of leaves and branches.  


The Japanese Redneck said...

That's great for you.

I gave a cross to a coworker today who is retiring after 33 years.

She loved it. They always say why don't you sell your things.

And I always say cause nobody really wants to pay what it cost in my time.

I'm glad you are able to sell some of your work. It's spectacular.

Silva said...

Thank you! I sold quite a few little things -- picture frames, a bottle, a mirror, some vases, some tiny paintings, but the big things were admired but not purchased (a mosaic guitar, a large wall hanging, etc.). The dragonfly panel did sell, but it was purchased by a friend (who will pay me in installments). I agree, no one wants to pay what it costs in time. Mosaics is the most time-consuming art I have ever done. I am working on another dragonfly panel right now and I'm not half done. I could have painted ten of them by now!