Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Second Dragonfly Done

facing the light

with light behind it
About these GOG mosaics, it's difficult to choose which view is best.  In a window, the translucent stained glass is beautiful, but you lose some details.  For example, the dragonfly body is a long jewelry piece of emeralds.  With the light coming from in front, you can see it, but with the light behind it, you can't.  So it's a tradeoff.

I'm working on a new mirror called It's Hip to Be Square (inspired by one of my favorite energetic entertainers, Huey Lewis and the News).  It's square with a nice wide frame and the mosaic will be a collection of 12 years of square jewelry, mostly earrings, supplemented by mini and 3/4" tiles.  All color mix, only theme is Square.  I've been hoarding squares for all these years and I'm letting go of them all at once.  Next to go, my hoard of shells.  I've a beautiful mahogany cigar box, covered in shells, with an antique rectangle tile featuring a shell as a focal point.  

1 comment:

The Japanese Redneck said...

Wow, such a shame that the tail doesn't show up when the light is behind it.

Still beautiful either way.