Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Framing the Space Mosaics

We took the "Out of this World" triptych to Michaels last week to be custom framed.  They quoted $440 for the center one and $140 each for the two smaller ones.  We then took them to Aaron Bros. and they quoted $128 for the center one and $79 each for the two smaller ones (based on the same frame, a simple chrome frame about an inch wide).  The center piece is 4 ft. wide and the side pieces are each 18" wide, and all three are 2 ft. high.  I will post pictures when we get them back from Aaron Bros.  

Neither place could frame my round Space mosaic, so we wandered the aisles of Lowes, checking out the electrical, plumbing, and hardware supplies.  I am pleased with what we found; Tubular Vinyl Gasket and it's for weather-proofing windows.  The mosaic is on a thin piece of plywood.  I painted the gasket material with a mix of 2/3 silver metallic and 1/3 bronze metallic acrylic paint (Delta Ceramcoat).  I nailed the gasket around the sides of the wooden base, using tiny silver toned wire nails.  The paint adheres well and doesn't chip off easily, and the gasket remains flexible.  $2.00 for the gasket and $1.39 for the nails.   

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ouch....that's a big difference in quotes.