Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Disco Bugs are back . . .

These guys show up every May without fail.  They arrive all at once during the first week in May
 and they stay all summer.  As far as I can tell, they don't bother anyone or anything.  
They just hang out on our disco ball on the back porch, and then they migrate 
to somewhere else before fall.  So peculiar!


Cindy White said...

"Disco Bugs" ... love it. They must have found something to "nom" on. Weird yet interesting.

Silva Hayes said...

Yeah, you know they gotta eat something! It appears that they never leave the ball. So funny. It's been breezy and the ball spins and puts off those little spots of light everywhere on the porch and these bugs are just clinging on, twirling round and round.

The JR said...

We are covered up in gnats. Then it will be horse flies. Then it will be god aweful hot. Then horse flies again.

That's how our spring/summer go