Thursday, May 22, 2014

Future projects

I have another guitar to finish, then a vase, and then will begin my next two projects, both on mesh and shipped elsewhere for installation:  a Celtic "Spiritual Awakening" symbol, vari-colored stained glass (cobalt blue, gold, orange) on a square background of white stained glass, for a collaborative effort in Germany by artist Caroline Jung, and a butterfly for another installation by artist Eve Lynch in Ft. Myers, Florida, similar to the one she did at the Calusa Nature Center.  I will do these simultaneously.  


The JR said...

I have been trying to find some mesh. What do you use?

Can't wait to see the new projects.

Silva Hayes said...

I have always used the mosaic mesh from Wits End Mosaics (online store). But recently this person recommended "Fiberglass Stucco Mesh" from Home Depot online and she really likes it. It is $39 a roll, for 150 feet x 38 inches, and no shipping charge when you pick it up at the store. So that would be much less expensive. When I use up my current supply, I'm going to try that.

The JR said...

Thanks Silva. I'm going to check it out.