Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A small detour . . .

I've been busy with mosaic work but storing it up for a grout marathon before I take pictures.  Here's a small detour off the mosaic road and down a decoupage path.  Old cigar boxes, made of fine mahogany, with nice fastenings, covered with recycled calendar art, images from National Geographic, and baby track yarn.  A sun that we sawed about 30 years ago, also out of mahogany, decoupaged with recycled calendar art and images from National Geographic, renamed mother Earth.

Lids of two nice cigar boxes

Mother Earth (Sold)


The JR said...

I like them all, that sun is especially cool!

Silva Hayes said...

Thank you, Ramona, I've been having fun with it all. Love decoupage. I plan to combine the two in future projects -- decoupage and mosaic.