Tuesday, August 26, 2014


More signs are arriving in Germany every day, from all corners of the world.  There will be 170 signs, combined into one public art work, which will be placed at auction.  Featured are old cultures with their script or symbols:  Hieroglyphics, Celtic scripts, Runes, Aztecs, Greek, Roman – and so on.  This was a Facebook invitation and I will wait to post a picture of the finished work (sometime after the first of the year).  


The JR said...

It's awesome!

Can't wait to see them all together.

Silva Hayes said...

I can't wait. It will be stunning. I would love to go help install it, wherever it winds up.

Caroline Jung said...

Hey, thanks a lot for posting. I will see, what I can do for helping install it. Hope to get a very good salery that I can Invite 2-3 persons. Warm regards from Germany - Caroline