Monday, November 17, 2014

Mosaic Mirror

A commission for a friend.  The mirror was already installed in an ornate wooden frame when I purchased it.  I took it apart, cleaned it, and reinstalled using GE Silicone II clear, then cut a larger piece of wood following the same shape.  The wood is that extremely thin plywood from Lowes.  I installed D-rings in the back for hanging, while at the same time, the same screws hold the two pieces together, and additionally I glued the two pieces together.  

I left the most ornate portion of the original frame showing and painted it.  The white outer tesserae is from an antique English platter which was almost identical in size and shape.  All the other tess is pottery and glass from the buyer's family collection.  

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The JR said...

A beautiful piece using heirloom treasures.

Stunning work.