Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm bumping up a photo of the stairs in progress

Each one has a few personal things incorporated into it. Friends and family have given me little things over the last few years, like a dichroic earring that lost its mate, a bit of a friend's grandmother's broken necklace, a cabochon from a necklace that I gave my mom 40 years ago, etc. There's a little turtle like the one we have, and a couple of roadrunners like the ones that live here.


ksr said...

you have quite a talent!

Silva said...

Thank you so much. I love doing this. Only three to go (plus grouting) and I will be done!

cconz said...

very, very, COOL! How many days working on this project? Love it.

Lori R. said...

I have followed you through This Girls Art. I love your stuff and can't get enough of mosaics. I am adding you to my favorites so I don't lose your blog. I'll be back for sure!!

Lori Featherstone said...

Ooooh, Silva - this amazing work will be done soon....what's next!?!?

PhoenixTamer said...

Hi Silva!!!

Its Chris!!! (PT/)

This is SOOOOO NICE!!!

Mine is soooo plain hahaha!!!

You sure are creative!

Youll see me around more as I get a better feel how to 'navigate' everything.

Im weeks away from even knowing how to do stuff on my own blog lol!!!

Thanx for the invite over here!! :)