Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dianne Sonnenberg's mosaics

I took my last fused glass class this week. I got a chance to peek in next door at Artisan Glass and saw some wonderful mosaic work hanging on their walls. There were several of Dianne Sonnenberg's pieces. She has an amazing talent. Here's a pic of one:

I will publish photos of all the pieces I made in class after I pick up the last one next Tuesday. The class was excellent and I now want an electric kiln to make my own mosaic tiles . . . . . Well, back to the stairs; I am almost done. Stay cool, friends.


Dianne said...

Thank you!! I've met your daughter Melanie and seen your work when you had Bee Creek Creations. Lovely work! I really like the stair project. Stop by and say hi the next time you're at Helios - I'm usually there working on my large mosaic egg.

Silva said...

I saw the work in progress on that egg; it is going to be fabulous!

PhoenixTamer said...

Hey Silva!!!

Have you posted the previously-mentioned pics of other pieces of your work???Did I miss them???

I can't wait!!! That Blue window thing you posted the pic of from that one lady is AMAZING. I did not know that you did this. I am searching my (very bad) memory and I think so far that the cool guitar is the only pic of your work I have seen so far.

You are soooooooo talented.