Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bought supplies today!

Went to Helios Glass today and bought: black Bullseye glass, thin glue, glass powders (metallic copper, olive green, and lime green), thinfire kiln shelf paper, fiber paper, and some dichroic stringers for my next mosaic guitar. I am going to try the ''fossil vitra'' tutorial posted by Paul on the Helios Glass website, and try making some cool tiles with a black background and shapes of real leaves. I learned from Karen that I should not stack shelves in the kiln; that I should just stick with one, and that the thermocouple should be in position above the shelf (I had it positioned below), and that one should always paint the kiln floor and the shelf with kiln wash, even if one is planning to always use the thinfire kiln shelf paper. Next time I want to buy enamel paint but held off on that today. Now all I need is some cheap hair spray and I will be ready to make my leaf fossil tiles!!!

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Kathy said...

When I grow up ... maybe I will be a real mosaic artist like you. Probably not, but you give me inspiration! Thanks.