Friday, March 12, 2010

Stair risers (by request) completed in 2009

I will give a talk and demo about mosaic art to some fourth graders on March 25 at Bee Cave Elementary and I will take these photos with me. These stair risers are a real attention getter; various delivery people and workers, neighbors, people selling candy bars - - they are all so interested and complimentary. Thought I would post these pics again (and hopefully I will do something productive soon so I can post some new pics)!

The top eleven:

The bottom five:


concretenprimroses said...

They are so beautiful. You have amazing design sense to get the feeling of a river over so many separate risers.
Since I saw it last I have taken a mosaic class so I found myself looking at it with even more appreciation!

Crafty Gardener said...

gorgeous stair risers ... I would love to see them in person

Silva said...

Thanks, Kathy!

Crafty Gardener, if you ever come to Texas, just let me know and we will make plans for you to come see the stairs. said...

These are beautiful. I would be so sad to see them go if I ever sold the home. Very nice!