Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monarch butterfly on mesh

This was done some time ago but I'm am posting it here just because. I made this piece (size 3 ft. x 3 ft.) to be the center of a larger installation at the Bee Cave Elementary Butterfly Garden created by Ken Coffelt. It's a magical place, in front of the school but off to one side, with stonework beds and plants that attract butterflies. The medallion in which the Monarch is installed is about 5'x5' and is framed with tiles made by the children who were in fifth grade at that time. I made this at home and transported it to the school in my van on a piece of cardboard and pressed it down into thinset, then grouted and sealed.

©2008, Silva Hayes, Monarch Butterfly


Shane said...

Nice and Orange!

Katherine - Garden Crone said...

Silva. So much fun to find your blog...via Gardenweb forum. I have read so many things on there, it is like I know some of you. I was looking at the butterfly and the mesh. I am holding my breath because I have made over 20 12x12 squares on 'mesh' but because I didn't know where to find your kind I used mosquito screening. Have you ever used it or spoken to someone who has? Sure hope it will work. Your butterfly is wonderful and have sure enjoyed reading your comments. :)