Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My article won!

THANK YOU to all who voted.

Here's the email I just received.
Hi Silva Hayes,
Congratulations! With 42 percent of the vote, your Hub was selected by the HubPages community as a winner! Excited? We are!
Your profile picture and an excerpt and link to your Hub will be included in today's weekly HubPages newsletter that is sent to over 60,000 HubPages community members.
Let me be the first to congratulate you and encourage you to continue to write such wonderful Hubs. You're an example for all Hubbers who are getting started and an encouragement to “veterans” as well.
We hope that you continue to enjoy writing at HubPages and participating in the community. We certainly enjoy your work.
Congratulations again, and we look forward to seeing you around.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yea! I love your blog, and I actually began my mosaic adventure because of your blog. Last summer I was researching how to mosaic stairs because I wanted to spruce up my basement stairs. I read through your whole stair mosaic adventure as well as your entire blog! My stairs are now finished, but unlike you (you are much more clever), I completed the project directly on the stairs. I am glad to say that my back has finally recovered! Kudos to you!