Friday, October 15, 2010

Candle picture photoshopped

Here's my glass-on-glass candle mosaic, Five Candles, and here it is Photoshopped, Five Candles in the Wind. I'm just procrastinating this morning. Click on each image to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

wow! What am I looking at? How did you do this? It says, "Glass On Glasss", but what is that?

I love it!
Libby C:

Silva said...

Thanks, Libby C! Well, the first photo is the unretouched glass-on-glass mosaic I created, gluing stained glass onto a glass background. The second picture is the same photo, with the background Photoshopped. The small candle on the right -- see how the flame is flaring out -- that's a boo-boo, since I'm not an expert using Photoshop. When it happened, I though, Oh! I like that. So I did it on another flame. To see how I did the original mosaic, go into the blog and go to older posts and you will come to the entries about the GOG mosaic.

Ben Zoltak said...

These stained glass pieces might be my personal favorites so far Silva. Though difficult to choose between the stained glass and the guitars.

I hope you included some of your paintings on your blog here, I would love to see the contrast. As an artist, I've always wanted to create my own blog. Some artists look so amateurish, while other's look so corporate-slick. I believe you've achieved a good balance with yours, approachable but still dignified? Something like that. Anyway, I really have enjoyed walking through the creative digital kingdom you've been creating.


Ben Zoltak