Monday, December 13, 2010

Abstract on Wedi board

Here's a closeup:

Here's the full view, framed (click to enlarge):

This is what the wall hanging looks like from the back: 
This is the canvas, reverse side, with the Wedi installed and a skim coat of thinset applied.

Artist canvas turned over with a piece of Wedi inserted and siliconed into place
This is a 16"x20" artist's canvas, pre-stretched and "gallery wrapped."  The canvas is not stapled to the edges of the wooden stretchers, but nicely wrapped around and tucked in the back.  I measured the Wedi to fit into the cavity formed by the back of the canvas and inserted and installed with silicone around the edges.  Then I applied a thin coat of white thinset.  I applied the tesserae with MAC glue.  I used more of the wonderful hand-poured Vancouver stained glass, parts of terra cotta house numbers, Swarovski crystals, costume jewelry, glass beads, polished amethyst, shells, broken plate, the footer from the back of a plate, and beach glass from Hawaii.   I grouted with charcoal grout and then randomly painted the grout here and there with metallic acrylic paint.  Finally, I installed the piece in a picture frame, and installed eyes and wire near the edges of what was the front of the canvas but is now the back. 

I developed this method because I wanted to use the light weight Wedi board instead of a heavier substrate, because I worry about hanging something really heavy on a sheetrock wall, and with this method I don't have to worry about a specialized hanging system; I just install little eyes and wire as on any other picture.   (An added bonus is that the hanging looks so neat and finished from the back.) 


jacqui said...

an interesting way if working with the canvas. you mosaic has some nice passages of texture..I find the negative spaces just as important as the positive ones in abstract art.

Silva said...

Thank you for your comment, Jacqui. I am quite pleased with the end result of this process, and plan to continue with it. Tell me, did you notice the squid and its dangling tentacles? It's my favorite part.

jacqui said...

Hi Silva, yes the Squid is an inspired addition....I wonder how strong the small eyes are screwed into the canvas sides for a heavy mosaic? This mosaic does not look heavy.

Silva said...

Jacqui, thanks to the Wedi board, the mosaic is not heavy.