Friday, December 3, 2010

Wedi board - my first time to use it.

I purchased two large pieces of Wedi board from Maryland Mosaics almost a year ago.  I finally got brave enough today to cut out a piece.  I used an Exacto knife and it wasn't too difficult.  The cement coating chips a bit but I am going to seal the edges with thinset anyway so it doesn't matter.  I have come up with a new way to hang the finished piece; first I want to seal the edges and install the Wedi in something else (a secret right now) and then I will take pictures and post detailed instructions (if it works).  I'm excited. 

Wedi is a light-weight substrate that looks like rigid styrofoam covered with mesh and then coated with a thin layer of stuff that looks like cement.  I want to use it because of its light weight.  I can do a large wall hanging without worrying too much about the weight.  So we will see!  I will post an update shortly.

I am nipping plates and bowls for the birdbath and still thinking about the design.  Although I haven't posted much lately, I'm working!  Today I grouted a beautiful pink stained glass and Swarovsky crystal picture frame, and then cut out the Wedi. 

Here's an interesting discussion about Wedi that I participated in last spring:

More later.

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