Friday, February 11, 2011

Just do it

The recent cold weather has really done a number on my creativity.  I schlep around in my pajamas with a blanky wrapped around my shoulders and do nothing but snack and watch TV.  The unusual cold just hangs on and on.  I can't seem to get started on my next big mosaic piece.  So I just grabbed up something totally unplanned and glued a piece of stained glass onto it.  It's a short squat squared-off tequila bottle and I'm covering it with translucent blue drapery stained glass.  Would show a picture but haven't got to the drugstore to buy camera batteries.  It's supposed to warm up and I will get moving again. 


silvia said...

Hi Silvia! I arrived here from
and had to say hello because our names are so silmilar. I'm Silvia Haynes. :)

Silva said...

Hi Silvia! Thanks for visiting. Our names are so similar. What's your middle initial? Mine's M.