Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March - in like a lamb!

Okay!  March is here.  Yay!  In my last post I complained about the bitter cold weather and how it sapped my creative energy.  Well, after the weather improved, we all came down with the flu, which lasted about ten days.  I started feeling human again yesterday.  So here's a photo of the tequila bottle that I amused myself with while waiting for a bolt of inspiration, and also a photo of a pendant I made for a friend's mother.  There's a story behind this pendant.  Her mother was moving to a smaller place and weeding out stuff.  Her friend had mailed her a tea set from Japan and it arrived with half the pieces broken.  She started to throw it out and my friend said, "Wait, let me have that for Silva; she mosaics."   So we ordered two silver plated pendants from Etsy and I cut a couple of pieces from the tea set.  The pendant she chose was a large square and the image captured in it was a white sacred crane on a chocolate and bronze background.   I didn't get a picture of it.  This is the other one; the one I kept.  The tequila bottle is ready to be grouted.  I am going to wrap a heavy duty textured ribbon around the neck and paint it.

I am about to get busy again.  A friend is having an open house in April called "The Art in Women" and I will have a display table there.  The fifth graders at Bee Cave Elementary will be creating a mosaic bird bath for their butterfly garden and I will be helping with that, starting about the middle of March.  So it's time to shake off the winter doldrums. 

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Silva said...

"... the tequila bottle I amused myself with ..." Just re-read this post and laughed at myself.