Sunday, May 22, 2011

Glass Tumbling for mosaic project

Today I began tumbling glass for the big outer space mosaic project. I have cut round shapes for planets and ground the edges smooth. I nipped bits of glass and 24K plate rims using Leponitt glass nippers. I loaded one barrel and tumbled the glass for 35 minutes. It came out great, shiny with smooth edges. I was concerned about the iridescent glass and the 24K gold-plated porcelain but it was fine. This first load was a test. I loaded up another barrel and started it, noting the time. I got busy with supper and granddaughters, etc., and suddenly realized that the tumbler had been going for almost an hour. I dropped everything and ran out to rescue the glass. It was still in good shape; the iridescence was still there and so was the gold.

These pieces will be used to mosaic galaxies and nebulas and comet tails. I decided today that I will write a Hubpage giving detailed instructions on how to tumble stained glass. When I publish it, I will come back here and post the link. I am having a great time, putting together all the tess for this large and wonderful project!

Still haven't heard from the CowParade, but if my design is not selected, I will use all these pieces in a large wall hanging with the same theme. So either way, I am anxious to get started!

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