Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Purple mosaic guitar, bumped up

Favorite of my mosaic guitars; looking at it makes me want to do another one. The textured stained glass, stars, the wings, the dichroic strings ... a few of my favorite things. I am waiting to hear that my cow design is approved. I have started cutting circles of stained glass to represent the planets and today I am creating the comet's tail on mosaic mesh. I ordered 40 sheets of mesh last week, enough to cover a life-sized cow. I love the fabulous look of outer space and I recommend the link to the Ministry of Space Exploration at the right -- fantastic photographs and a mind-boggling video called Epic Voyage Through the Universe.


Karen Avery said...

I am about to mosaic my old guitar and was wondering if you think I should seal it first.

Silva said...

I have never sealed mine and they have held up perfectly, so I would say No.