Saturday, June 11, 2011

Space mosaic - WIP 6-11-11

(left-click on image to enlarge and then left-click again to enlarge further)

Here's what I have on mesh and ready to install, an area about 2.5' x 3'. I estimate that I have about half a cow's worth right now, and next I plan to work on the Earth, Mars, Saturn, and a large comet.

To explain how these pieces will be used: A mosaic on mesh can be trimmed into any shape that's needed. Right now these pieces are 12"x12" squares, but the goal is that, after installation, there will be no hint of individual squares, but rather, the mosaic will be blended into one harmonious whole. A mosaic on mesh can be installed on a flat surface, or onto a moderately curved surface, such as the body of a fiberglass cow for the CowParade. I am toying with the idea of several separate pieces, such as a triptych, and what I am really interested in is stretched canvas, in the shape of 3 triangles, each framed with black metal.

Hand-poured stained glass, Swarovski crystals, vintage costume jewelry, glass beads, pearls, 24K plate rims, pique assiette


Anonymous said...

How do you get the circular glass pieces? Do you buy them that way or hand cut them?

Silva said...

I hand-cut them. I draw the circle with a Sharpie, then nip around with Leponitt wheeled nippers, then smooth the edges with a carborundum stone. Thanks for visiting.

Helen at Summerhouse said...

This is going to be quite wonderful, so much detail. Some artist have done much the same thing here in Victoria with mosaics and paintings done on Bears and Whales so far that are dotted around town. I'll be watching to see how it all works out.

Kevin said...

Awesome composition... I'm looking forward to seeing your finished mosaic.