Monday, October 8, 2012

Second Brooch Bridal Bouquet done

Just finished today.  Covered the stems with a vintage ivory linen with cutwork trim.  This is for sale on Etsy.  Would love to start another one but I've used up all the brooches in our stash.  Time for another road trip!

I finished the mosaic work on a watering can last week; it's ready to be grouted.  Today our granddaughters were on holiday from school.  We all drove to Marble Falls for lunch. We ate at the Noon Spoon on Broadway and it was delicious.  The food was fresh and tasty and the service was excellent.  Then we checked out two thrift shops and a nice consignment shop, searching for vintage brooches, but no luck. Next we will try Llano thrift shops, and of course, I will continue to check eBay and etsy.


The Japanese Redneck said...

You would be in hog heaven in my work room. Have a bunch of brooches in my stash.

Beautiful piece, was wondering what you were working on.

I think I'm going to use my brooches on the Coral Reef piece I have planned for later on.

Silva said...

Take good care of those brooches, girl. On Antiques Road Show last night, a lady brought her aunt's or her mom's collection of brooches; they were pinned to a cloth dressmakers mannequin. The appraiser estimated them to be worth from $10 to $25 thousand. Many times I broke off the pin without a second thought and without looking for a signature on the back. Those were the days, before Goodwill got wise to us . . .