Tuesday, September 23, 2014


A new way to use our many picture frames . . . 9.5" square

"Feather" (passport to the angelic realms).  This feather came from the studio of Suzan Germond.  
The background for the feather is textured stained glass.

 "Good Luck"

"Honey Bee in the Flower Garden"
Second in my campaign for Awareness of the Plight of Our Bees

"Jewels of the Sea"

These and more mosaic art will be at Annii's open house on October 11.

8512 Silver Ridge Drive, Austin, Texas, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  

Annii hosts an open house every fall so that we can display and sell hand made items for Christmas gifts.  Annii is such a wonderful artist; she recently designed a new tee shirt logo for UT, its debut was at their fashion show at the UT Co-Op this week.  For sale now at the Co-Op.  


The JR said...

Wow! Very creative. Love the idea (....might have to steal it hehehe).

Great job, and I really love the textures, shapes and way they all flow within the frames.


Silva Hayes said...

Hehe, go with it, Ramona! I have so many picture frames; just had to find a different way to use them up.