Monday, October 6, 2014

Wonderful World (Discovery) and Earth Our Mother


Just grouted this.  I'm not sure what the title will be ... "Wonderful World," or "Discovery."  A couple stares in awe at the wonderful world that surrounds them.  The centerpiece is a square of mottled glass that has the grass and the sky captured in its pattern.  The couple are metal; they and the sun were earrings; I found them at a thrift shop; I love them.  The frame is done in vitreous glass tile.  The grout is "Green Tea" given to me by Annii. Today was a grouting marathon.  Perfect weather for grouting outside on the back porch.  

This is specialty art glass from Vancouver, WA, one-of-a-kind, hand-poured, no longer made.  I love this glass; it is spectacular  for a glass-on-glass piece.  Each and every piece of this glass has fire inside, and most of it is drapery glass, randomly folded upon itself and heavily textured.  All is from my last order that I received a couple of weeks ago.  This particular piece is called "Earth Our Mother" and is glass-on-mirror.  

Here are some images from the art show at Annii's house on Saturday:

"Out of This World"

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The JR said...

I've got a bunch to grout myself.

Those tiles are so beautiful. I wish I could score some around here.

great piece